1445 may be described as another one of those useless years in the timeline, basically because nothing happened during that year and so much stuff happened in 1492 that it's just amazing of how gay this is and how there's nothing to say about this godamned year that we're talking about.

So let's talk about how the dinosaurs came back in the year 1445, according to a short story by Dr. Seuss, and took a 12 pound shit on Los Angeles and killed all the Gremlins. That was a book by Dr. Seuss from back in the 1760s....according to Wikipedia, anyway. And since they're always correct about everything and all.

1445 was also another one of those years where everybody was like, to each other: "Ah FUCK its 1445!! Dammit iTunes needs to fucking sync already, it's being a DICK. We gotta get outta here! No time for your laptops bitches. Come on Obama no more crap about Democracy either. Let's go. I'm On a Boat."

Thoughts about the yearEdit

Damien S. Lucifer said of the year, "Well ya really fucked up this bullshit. Dis year used to be the shit. Now it's just shit. Cuz you fucked it up."

Others noted the possibility that this year never even happened, due to the suggestion that 1444 + 1 now equals 1446 instead of 1445, due to the algorithum with pi and whatever the hell.

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