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2 is the gayest number of them all, and do you know why? Because that's almost enough people for a wedding.

2 is some peoples' favorite numbers, mainly because it matches their IQ, but they don't know that, of course.


Trivia Edit

  • Mhmm
  • Oh, yes, yes.
  • No, certainly.
  • Don't tell me.
  • Haha, very funny.
  • Stop laughing.
  • Now.
  • I mean it.
  • Seriously
  • I'm not kidding
  • You'd better stop
  • Please
  • Just stop
  • its rude
  • stop doing it
  • now
  • come on dude
  • im not going to ask you again
  • this is not funny
  • i dont know how many times ive told you to stop laughing
  • and u wont do it
  • whats up with you
  • are you on crack
  • is your mom on crack
  • is your dad on crack
  • your sister?
  • your dog?
  • your sister and your dog?
  • is your sister and your dog the same thing?
  • oh, ok, now youre mad.
  • i see
  • now i get it
  • i couldnt care less
  • you can just go somewhere else
  • cuz im tired of dealing with you
  • yeah thats right
  • go into that hole over there in the mountain or something
  • what mountain you say? ah idk just go away
  • leave
  • now
  • please dude
  • just leave
  • stop bothering people
  • youre annoying the heck out of people right now
  • no, im not the one talking so much, you are.
  • this conversation is about to end
  • shut up and listen
  • just leave
  • LEAVE!
  • GO! AWAY!
  • NOW!
  • Hm.

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