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2009 is the current year and will always be the current year; well, at least, until 2010, as that is obviously obvious. It continues from the year 2008, and started on some day of the week.

If you think of it as a movie (because you're stupid or something) then it is the 2008th sequel to the year 1, believe it or not.

Things that happened in this year Edit

  • That movie, Old Yeller, which was good for all these years, now sucks because I just now finished watching it.
  • People finally come to the realization that old Westerns did not have realistic sounding gunshots and you know that there weren't any mishaps in the films because they took their time when they fell, making sure they didn't fall over and die or something.
  • So far, that's it. Not anything cool like a meteor has happened, yet.

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