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2011 will be the year after 2010. More information will be available once time passes by, and if, because....what if in 2011 the world decided to end? Then we wouldn't get to hear Garth Brooks and his new material in 2015! Oh NO! Ah f**k it, nevermind.

Believe it or your fried fired.

Trivia Edit

  • Mars will sign a treaty to stop being racist to Earth, as Mars is red and Earth is mixed. The other planets are just like "Fuck you" to Mars and Earth, but Earth's moon is turning into a little player, and once they grow up like that, you can't stop it. That's what they'll be for the rest of their life. Moon's gotta do what moon's gotta do.
  • Lady Gaga predicts she will pretend to die sometime in 2011.
  • Saturday Night Live will broadcast an episode on a Sunday!?!!
  • NASA will conduct an experiment that is supposed to make the Earth explode. Hmm. Sounds interesting. But NASA also said they would bring E.T. home and they didn't! He starved to death in the Arizona desert!

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