There's been a lot of crap going around about when the world is supposed to end. There have been many predictions, but the most prominent right now is that damn annoying 2012 doomsday prediction that so many people are trying to escape from by flying to Mars or something.

Predictions Edit

Mayan Calendar Edit

The intoxicated idiots that we call the Mayans were smoking some pot when someone said, "Hey, let's freak out people in 2012 and make them think the world's gonna end." And the other one said, "Yeah! They will definitely believe all this crap we'll tell 'em and 'predict'." Also the Mayans were to lazy to make a 2013, 2014, 2015... and so on.

Pole alignment....or whatever Edit

Apparently there will be an alignment of the poles or something like that the moon and the sun will lign up or something real stupid like that. Something to get people worried and create propaganda.

Bible codes Edit

Bible codes are probably what scares people the most, especially the Christians spreading the "word" of Jesus Christ and God and that the world will end in 2012, despite the obvious fact that no one said a specific date that the world would end in.

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