21 Guts Guns




Way back in 2009


Gospel grindcore

"21 Guts Guns" is a Gospel grindcore song by Canadian patriotic (to Canada) duo + 1 other person Green Day released way back in 2009.

The song has not been that popular and hopefully it never will be because no one wants to see a song like this reach the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, if that's even imaginable for it to happen. So yeah, make sure you don't buy its digital downloads and whatnot because then it will just rise in popularity and then everyone will have to start hating it.

The music video Edit

The music video, for most of the very limited fans that Green Day has, as a huge disappointment due to the fact that the music video absolutely sucked. It was extremely boring and acted like a way to show off Billie Joe's hair (or something stupid like that). Yeah, it was absolutely ridiculous and it absolutely sucked, hands down. It just sucked.

Critical reception Edit

Critics haven't really had the time to look over this song, but it's likely that they would say that it sucked apples bigtime and that it would never be successful even if it really wanted to be.

See also Edit

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