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6, also known as Sex in American slang, is the sixth number of the alphabet, known for its values of Math and Science. 6 is the number that if added by 3, and then added by 12, and then added by 44, and subtracted by 13, and then subtracted by 43, and then multiplied by 10, and then subtracted by 54, it will equal itself. Pretty weird.

History Edit

6 is used as a calculation number, mostly, when the Mayans decided to start using it, and since everyone knew the number 6 but had no idea what Mayans were speaking, all they heard in their languages was a bunch of, "walfkjsajdl 6 ;afl" when they were speaking Mayan.

6 is used today as a number that if repeated 3 times in a sentence will cause the earth to explode into 77 1/3 pieces, thus causing the Sun to get very jealous and mad and decide to unleash all hell on Venus, causing it to explode too, along with the other planets, and then the solar system, which will become powerful enough to explode half of the galaxy, which, in turn, will cause the entire galaxy to explode, which, in turn, will cause the entire universe to explode. So try it.

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