A is the first letter of the alphabet. It can be considered the letter that is first of the word "alphabet" and also words like apple, Abercrombie, alien, and advertisement.

Previous letter: "Z"

Next letter: "B"


A (born 1932, age=however old your grandma is) grew up living a troubled life, spending most nights not doing homework, sleeping with twelve girlfriends at once, being a nerd and editing Wikipedia, and having Britney Spears bipolar disorder.

He was also a child molestor and his dad was Michael Jackson. He got in trouble one day for molesting a chicken when he should've been taking out the trash, and he was confined to twenty seven minutes in prison. But that didn't stop him. After he got back out, he roamed the streets of Los Angeles (literally, he roamed them) and was put in jail again for molesting a car rim.

He was placed in an execution line, and surprisingly, with the police being biased and all, they shot them one by one and when they got to him they took out a fucking machine gun and shot him several hundred times.

Policemen hate child molestors.

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