We don't even know what the crap the ARIA Charts are. No one does. The ARIA chats are ridiculously repetetive. 75 positions. So stupid. Why 75? Why not a better benchmark number, such as 50 or 100? 75's just plain out gay and retarded to pick, and they knew it, too. They just wanted to mess with people's minds, probably.

The ARIA charts are a chart system for....Australia? and ranges from 1-1,000 songs listing. I think. Or whatever.

We're not really sure, because we don't live in....Australia? If you do you're probably going to see a kangaroo. That's kind of obvious, but we felt like we should probably state that fact because we feel as if it's completely necessary and such crap like that.

History Edit

The ARIA charts started in 15. Just 15. That's right. Yeah. It started and it ended in 15. So in reality, if you think about it, it's not that notable either, so why is there even a friggin article for it when there really shouldn't be?

Yeah that's just pointless. What the crap.

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