Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler
Mad at a golf ball, mid-1990s.

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Adam Sandler is a magician and occasional warlock who is widely known for believing that only female ghosts exist, and that male ghosts hide under your pillow and try to scare you, but he said that he is not scared, even though he has to deal with it every night. He is mid-aged, just like every other actor or actress (such as Zac Efron, Will Smith, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Tommy Lee Jones).

History Edit

Sandler was born in the 1900's, or at least that's what people speculate, and is known to have a childhood that of a snobby kid, due to the fact that he "was bullied in pre-K by a boy named Patricia Stuart", who is actually a girl of the age of 2 and a half, but he didn't want to admit that and said it was a 42 year old man named Michael Jackson, which made people automatically think that he was kidnapped along with bullied.

When Sandler was 12, he transferred to a private school named The Public School for 12-Year Olds and he stayed at the school for almost 12 years before graduating to the 7th grade.

He finally finished high school when he was in his early 30's, and decided against going to college because he believed that witches controlled it and were converting everyone who went to it. So he decided to get a job at McDonalds until he met this girl who loved magic, and her name was Bill. She was 83, and soon, after he performed magic for her, they started going out and got married when Sandler was in his late 30's.

Today, he makes a living working as a magician. A very bad magician.

Personal Life Edit

Grades Edit

Adam Sandler had a reputation in school for being bad in class, in terms of grades, and his bashfullness towards girls sure didn't get him anywhere, either.

In middle school, his grades constantly hovered around his age, which was in the 20's.

Marriage Edit

When Sandler was 37, he decided to get married to Bill, and the two had a great wedding which no one came to because they had "better things to do", according to the best man in which Adam Sandler picked (whose name is unimportant).

The two now live together in Oklahoma and have 0 children.

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