An air conditioner is a loud, annoying, loud, annoying invention that sometimes heats successfully and sometimes doesn't, depending on if you paid a good amount of money on it or not. Because if you didn't, you're going to get a friggin stupid one that doesn't air condition the whole house, because you knew it won't but you thought you would go ahead and be a jackass and find out on your own.

What the word means Edit

The word air conditioner is a code for air, which means invisible substance, and conditioner, which means to make satisfying/depending on the owner's original ideas, which is a cheat for its policy when you try and send it back, and so you can't.

Effectiveness Edit

Most of them really suck when trying to cool a house down during the summer, but there are occasionally incidents to where if you have 15 air conditioners going on in the same room. But then again, if you do that, your house will likely sound like the jet engine of an airplane.

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