Akram Jaffar
A. Jaffar
Jaffar in 1969


Akram Nasim Jaffar
July or August 1935
Karbala, Iraq


3 June 1990 (aged 54)
Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States

Cause of death

Self-inflicted gunshot wound (head)



Known for

Hardin County mass shooting

Akram Jaffar (7 August 1935[citation needed] – 3 June 1990), was an Iraqi-born American spree killer, who murdered 16 people and injured at least 30 in Hardin County, Kentucky on June 2, 1990. Weapons he used were a .22 caliber H&R Revolver and a .44 magnum Ruger carbine. Jaffar was found in the parking lot of a gas station in Elizabethtown, Kentucky the following day. He had committed suicide.

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