Akram Jaffar
A. Jaffar
Background information
Born (1935-08-07)August 7, 1935
Karbala, Iraq
Died June 3, 1990(1990-06-03) (aged 54)
Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States
Cause of death Suicide by gunshot
Occupation Coppersmith
Attack information
Date June 2, 1990
Location(s) Hardin County, Kentucky, United States
Target(s) Civilians
Killed 16
Injured ~30
Weapon(s) .22 caliber H&R Revolver
Ruger Model 44
Akram Jaffar (7 August 1935[citation needed] – 3 June 1990), was an Iraqi-born American spree killer, who murdered 16 people and injured at least five in Hardin County, Kentucky on June 2, 1990. Weapons he used were a .22 caliber H&R Revolver and a .44 magnum Ruger carbine. Jaffar was found in the parking lot of a gas station in Elizabethtown, Kentucky the following day. He had committed suicide.

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