An alien is someone who enters illegal territory, from somewhere else like Canada, and often results in getting shot by the National Guard (terrorists).
Alien from the movie

Someone from Greenland

If they do not get killed, then they are taken to prison for a naturalization test, or a drug test.Aliens that come from Canada are called Canadian Aliens, Aliens that come from Surbia are Surbian Aliens, and aliens who come from Australia are called European Aliens, and so on.

History Edit

Aliens were born in Mexico. Yes, every immigrant that comes into America is from Mexico, and that's a fact that can easily be proven by simply seeing the amount of population demographics there is in America:

Year Race Amount
1900 Mexicans 3,500
Caucasions 2
1910 Mexicans 150,000
Caucasions 3
1950 Mexicans 150,000,000
Caucasions 6
2000 Mexicans 300,000,000
Caucasions 7

Languages Edit

Japanese Aliens often speak Japanese, which is a fact that many philosophers can't seem to understand.

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