Anerexia is a contageous disease caused by eating too many Eminems. It can also be classified as a pandemic.

The word Anerexian Edit

Since the word came from a pre-historic country named Anerexia, there were skinny people who lived in it and they were really skinny, and they were called Anerexians (because they lived in Anerexia). They were told that they were skinnier than the usual person and that the average person weighed well over 27 pounds. So some myth that some dude, who was high, made up, said that the scientific word for skinny should be anerexic, so people began to use that word in place of "skinny" because it really fit, and besides, the dude was the governor of Utah. You can't beat that.

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1. Every bit of it is too true.

2. Please make the article more untrue.

3. Nah.

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Wikipedia thinks they know soo much about Anerexia

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