Anthony Maxwell
Background information
Cause of death Shot dead
Attack information
Date July 6, 1996
Location(s) Morgantown, West Virginia, United States
Target(s) Krepps Park
Killed Diane Strickland
Injured 2
Weapon(s) Cleaver
Anthony Maxwell was one of two publicy identified perpetrators of the 1996 Morgantown incident, along with Brandon Fleming. Maxwell stabbed and killed 64-year old Diane Strickland in Krepps Park, minutes into the attack with a meat cleaver. He was then confronted and fatally shot by security officer Gamon Chaiprasit, who fired a total of four shots at him. Chaiprasit was disarmed and killed by one of the perpetrators, who also had a cleaver. Maxwell succumbed from his injuries at the hospital a week later.