Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne

Sometime in the 15th Century



Screamo, Pelsky

Years active

2002-present, believe it or not


WTF Are Records

Avril Lavigne, a skinny girl from Alfghanastan, is known for her song "Girlfriend" in which she sings about getting a girlfriend to make this other girl jealous.

She is also known for her very tall height. She is taller than Michael Jackson Jordan, so this puts her around 5'10. It has been said that Lindsay Lohan likes Avril Lavigne, even though this is not verified yet.

She has released 5 albums through out 2007.

History Edit

To be honest, she's had quite a simple history. She's been famous since her first album in 2002; some people are jealous, but we're moving on. She was just an instant star and everybody knew it, too.

No one knows why they knew it, either, they just knew it. Like when old people talk about the current generation like it just absolutely sucks or something of that nature.

Style Edit

She apparently steals her style from other country lovers such as the Ramones, Green Day, Simple Plan, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and many other people who are famous because of their country work.

Criticism Edit

Avril Lavigne has been heavily criticised for her "unoriginalness", according to hundreds of thousands of critics in the entire world who just absolutely hate her for no good reason.

Discography Edit

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1. Let Go

2. Under My Skin

3. The Best Damn Thing