B-ball or basketball is a sport that originated in 1000 when a guy named "Yomommaiza (pronounced 'yo momma is a) Basketball" threw a stone at his best friend Alex, but it missed him and went into a basketball hoop across the court. He then said, "Hey, that sounds like fun! I don't even want to hit you anymore, Alex!" and he began playing what he called then "stone rock" but because Alex was the pushy one, the game was established as "basketball" because Alex thought it sounded better and would stick more.

Rules Edit

When people play basketball, they can only carry a pistol to defend themselves in the semi-finals, because of the new rule that 'if someone touches you then you are allowed to use a handgun to fend them off'. However, in the finals, you are limited to a knife and a grenade, which are both very unreliable and dangerous.By winning basketball, you are the last person standing on the court. That means that everyone else is either dead, or they are at the hospital getting treated from knife/gun wounds. If they are dead, then the grenades got them.

Other species Edit

Fish enjoy playing basketball too, but have to use poisoned fish food given by their owners, instead. The basketball is often shaped like a dice, but can be shaped like a can, too. The ball serves as a distraction for people who do not know how to play basketball the real way.