If you were looking for something else, then you can just go f**k yourself.

A bass guitar is a type of guitar that is extremely easy to play if you're a three year-old, and it should be noted that "rockstars" who play bass aren't really rockstars, and so that's why many people forget their names, and they're probably just like "Alright, it's Daughtry, with Chris Daughtry as the vocalist, and that guy that plays bass...." or something like that.

History Edit

Bass guitars have been around since the George Washington days, but he wasn't even close to the one who invented it. Larry King invented the bass guitar, and he still brags about it in his current, ancient age that is actually quite disturbing at certain times.

Difficultness in performance Edit

Bass guitars are also considered to be a lot easier to play than just about any other instrument, even the harp, which has got to be just about the easiest instrument the average human could ever think of.

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