If you were looking for alcohol, you were wrong.

Beer is a substance that is drunk to solve stress problems, such like the problems your mom and dad have raising you, and how they don't want to admit that wine isn't solving their little problem that you created, so they decide that maybe a six pack of Budlight will.

History Edit

When Egyptians got laid off from working at the pyramids due to economy problems, they would drink a whole bunch of beer and alcohol to solve their worries, and they would hang out with some other friends who are drunk and go hit on some girls.

They also go drunk driving, the egyptians do, and they ram other cars passing by and use the pyramids as ramps to get more air. They usually have to go to the hospital soon after that.

This goes on up until about now.

That stupid DUI rule Edit

It sucks that the cops will get you if you are drinking and driving, so make sure that you don't have too much beer to where you can't drive whatsoever and you'll fall asleep.

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Supposedly the "experts" at Wikipedia have a broad idea on what beer is

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