If you kill my father one more time, I'm going to backstab you through the stomach.
Don't let me EAT YOUR SOUL!!!!!!
Here's a little rhyme:

Chunky milk and baby powter

Save me a tax oil candy wrapper

Do you think I drink liquid oil

Or are you just that stupid?

Sing it to yourself. Got a good beat. Good rhythm.

It's what B.I.T.C.H. really stands for, and we're not sure what it means exactly, either. It really has no relation to the cuss word. Don't assume that.

This is such a random page that I think you're going to kill yourself just because it's so unbearingly random that you can't stand it's randomness. Go and pee on a leaf because that's random, too, and it would fit the nature of this article, which has no point in living.

Don't marry a sheep or you will lose your eyesight and start blaming fish for eating cactuses in the middle of the Pacific Ocean's finest deserts and praries. Did you understand that? Because I sure as crap didn't.

Let the hippie's mind arouse you with its randomness, too, because they like to grow their hair out, wear very cheap clothing, like, clothes that are from JC Penny instead of from Abercrombie or something lame like that, perhaps Ross, and all those other things that Hippies like to do. Oh, right. They like to be weird....but there's nothing wrong with that! (Disclaimer)

So yeah.

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