Billy Mays

He thinks it's deadly (haha)

Billy Mays (aged 50) (haha, really old) was a advertiser with a bad hearing problem. He was born in 1958 because abortion didn't work (aww, that sucks, doesn't it?).

He dresses like he thinks he is head of all the cleaning advertisers, with his hairy gorilla arms, blue outfit, and Wolverine sideburns.

Advertising "Technique" Edit

He is different from all other techniques because he is fat and yells a lot and had a bunch of wives.

Death Edit

Billy Mays finally died at the age of 50 at his home from an overdose of weed but what killed him was the fact that he was acting stupid, dancing on his house to Lady Gaga's song Poker Face when suddenly he slipped and fell, falling right onto a randomly placed sword sticking straight up out of his yard.

It killed him, of course, even though he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. The ambulance sure did take their time getting there, too, after getting involved in a 6-hour long gang war.

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