What a blind person sees.

Blind is the paranormal power to see absolutely nothing. It is believed to be a gift from God who gives it to those who have accomplished a lot of dangerous feats in life, and once their eyes are extinguished, they are granted the ability to see blackness everywhere.

The glasses Edit

People who are blind like to wear black opaque glasses so they can look like they're wearing black opaque sunglasses. This makes it hard to see.

What they like to do Edit

People who are blind like to bring knives to work/school/home/the grocery store because it looks cool and they think that people are jealous of them, so they wan't protection so people won't steal their blindness from them.

Brail Edit

Fortunately, the text on computer screens are in brail so blind people can read things that are on the internet and not only hear them. Disability is another word for "people who I am jealous of".

The name Edit

Those who are blind are known to have a name. That name happens to be "Blinds", and they are considered a race to society.

The religion Edit

It is also a religion, named, "Blindans", which people often get mixed up with "Muslims", for absolutely no reason.

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