What the middle of most books says

Books, invented in 2003, were a social favor back in the 1970's. It's probably true that your mom read them all the time, that your dad resented them all the time, that your sister pretends to hate them (all the time), and that you don't care for them much at all. In fact, you probably don't want to be reading this, because it involves words. You'd rather look at the pictures than do your assignment and read them like the teacher said you were supposed to. Honestly, you probably don't care. You'd rather be playing video-games or going outside with your friends and playing some sport that's ten times better than reading.

History Edit

Since books are so new, the libraries used to only sell DVDs and box sets of TV series, such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and also Home Improvement. The first book, written by J.K. Rowling (sometime between 2003 and 2009), was about a boy with pink sunglasses who had a fake tattoo on his head and wore girly roabs. His real name, Clint Eastwood, was disguised by the name of "Hairy Pothead", who went to a school appropriately named "Hogwarts", which was a castle in the middle of New York City (around Manhattan or something like that).

His two best friends, Ron Stoppable and "Her My and Me", have to stop a man named "Oldmart", a superior nickname to Walmart.

Anyway, books were used as icons back in the Civil War (lunch time for many schools) when they would throw their textbooks around, hoping to damage them and blame it on the teachers and make them clean it up.

"The time it took to make these textbooks," teachers would say, "is longer than you have ever lived. So why don't you just march your tails right out that front door and never let me see them again!?"

Yep, teachers worship books.

In popular culture Edit

In popular culture, they suck. No one wants to read them, and no one cares about them. They are a complete waste of time to every single person on the planet (except for a few people like parents who sometimes even lie because they don't want to hear their child "complain" about how school was).

Books suck all year round. When the teacher assigns one, the camers will catch kids groaning and putting on their "frowning" faces. What they'd like to imagine is them standing in front of their school burning down to ashes, and them stomping on it and laughing maniacally.

But that's a different story.

Criticism Edit

Books have been criticized for being long, boring, stupid, boring, long, and stupid.

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