Boredom is a symptom of cancer that people may develop if they spend too much time going to Operas, watching Broadway Musicals, or doing anything that may develop boredom.


Boredom may be associated with extreme depression, which can lead to fingernail cancer or hair cancer. It may also be caused by things around the person, such as the Disney Channel, which is often reported to cause boredom, and also Dora! the Explorer or other Nick Jr. shows.

Also, watching soap operas have proven to be a cause of severe boredom.

Symptoms Edit

Symptoms of boredom include:

  • Being depressed
  • Listening to crap like Thriller or Beat It
  • Trying to actually read
  • Trying to think of something to do
  • Being sorry

Effects Edit

People act very sad and uncontrollable, often, and start to get sick and die, eventually, if nothing is done about it.

Cures Edit

Even though there is only one known cure (reading articles on Misencyclopedia), others have proven to work and satisfy the customer, but they just haven't been discovered yet.

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