Insects are those little things you see in movies that rarely make appearances in real life, especially during the early evening. They consist of three different categories: walking bugs, flying bugs, and the other bugs. The other bugs are often considered "homosexual" because of their strange need to live in garages.

Despite popular belief, bugs can live to up to 100 years if kept as a pet.

Types Edit

Walking Bugs Edit

Ones you will normally see when you go to the state park or some other boring place (like the White House). they include bees, yellow jackets, wasps, bees, wasps, and yellow jackets.
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An intoxicated bug

These bugs like to follow people around (stalking) and set them up by leaving random wrapped up presents on the sidewalk in front of you. Once you pick it up, they proceed to attacking you with their shotguns and rifles, which usually results in you dying. If this happens to you, please contact the Police or some other government agency that doesn't know how to stop crime.

Flying Bugs Edit

These little monsters include birds, condors, eagles, monkeys, and airplanes. All of these coincidently can fly in the air. Most flying bugs originate from China, because China sucks and is overpopulated; that is until a President with some sense decides to arrest the citizens and ship them to the seas to fight in the Navy.

Other Edit

These homosexuals who live in their basement with their mom and need to get a life are called "other bugs" because they are shunned from society and tend to suck. This includes humans, people, and Chuck Norris. All three of these kind species wouldn't last a day in the wild as they know that they have nothing to do but sit around and watch re-runs of Dora The Explorer or Go! Diego Go!

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