Cancer is the term you use when someone asks if you can do something, preferably your mom, so you will say "Can, sir", as an answer.

Also, the other term refers to the disease which is actually called Canceritiouslycristialliciosisticmembrosticuliesa, but since doctors get tired of saying that, they renamed it to 'Cancer' back in 2. In modern terms, it refers to something that attacks living cells and kills them because they carry guns around with them all the time with their bulletproof vests.

History Edit

Since cancer cells came from Michael Jackson, they have traits of him as well and tend to go after little kids instead of adults, but adults do get them, too, because apparently, they are trisexual and so they like almost everyone.

In 1934, Cancer attacked Adolf Hitler, and he decided to shoot himself in order to "get the bad cancer out and keep the good ones inside", which was a weird reason, but he died anyway, so as long as that happened, it didn't matter. So cancer ended WWII, which was bad, because then no one was fighting for anything like their country, which is always going to be America, as everyone's jealous of America and are always fighting for it.

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