Solar Wing front Japanese electric powered car

A car at a Walmart in a small town.

A car is anything that can punch you in the face. They are equipped with a gas pedal, brakes, and even a steering wheel. When you go really fast in the car and hit something, it gets mad and punches you in the face, and hopes it killed you.

They are also known to unexpectantly transform into different garden tools, and thus are unridable. When in a collision, cars often get mad at each other and try to punch the other car in its face, but end up hitting you every time.During license tests, you are tested to find out if you are tall enough so you may get hit in the face "when the time comes". If you are not they tell you to wait, and if you are not going to grow anymore, than they say "too bad. 5 foot's not enough to kill you when the airbags come out."Also, during the license, test, strangly, if the car punches you then you automatically lose the test and have to try again later.

They just say "too bad" or "so sad". Also, in getting your learners, your car tends to get mad at you a lot if you're a bad driver, so watch out, and practice on your lawnmower first.

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