A cat is an evil demon of the Devil. Normally clawing, scratching, and biting their ways into peoples lives, becoming the top of the household.

They will seem nice and innocent as cute little kittens... but just wait till they bring out their inner kitty. Picking on the dogs in the household them making it look like they were the ones who attacked them. Disrupting the household is their life dream.But once in a while there is one... that will rise and fight against this thirst to be at the top of the house hold.

History Edit

The first cat was born in Russia on January 45th, 2006 and when it was twelve years old (like, really old for a cat) it died and had 123,456,789,098,765,432,112,345,678,909,876,543,211,234,567,890 different babies (and that number coincidentally looks like 1-9 going consecutively in order) which had 123,456,789 babies each, resulting in the ultimate dominance of cats on earth, and now they dominate Poland, too.

Cat's relation to humans Edit

When a cat is let loose into the wild, it is happy and free, as any dumb person could see. But if it is held in captivity (domesticated cats, per se) then it will attack the owner and claw its eyes out as much as possible.

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