Catch 22 is when you have no way out of a situation and you have to go to people like Michael Jackson for help, searching for an answer to your problem/situation.

In fact, that is actually what it means, but it's such a boring term that no one wants to talk about that it's pretty basically just what a catch 22 is. Yeah, there's no depth to it really.

The book Catch 22 Edit

Usually books are underlined, but who really cares right now. Catch 22 was one of the most boring, "classic" books of the 20th century and was related to war, and supposedly some people liked it [...], but most people didn't, and that's good, too, because the book sucked anyway.

No one remembers or really cares (as said earlier in this section) what the book was really about or who wrote it, because his name was highly unimportant in the modern world.

Example of a catch 22 Edit

Some good examples of what a catch 22 would be:

  • when someone is backed in a corner during a paintball game and is not armed
  • someone who has screwed up a relationship by cheating on the other person
  • someone who is in a position with a no win situation, such as during a job at work or something.

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