Chinese buck
The typical chink, teeth that could sink a battleship.

Land size

66 lb


About seventy billion

Life expectancy



69% chink
101% niggest
0.0000001% cracker

China, often referred to the country of Japanese people, is a friggin big ass country located east of the pacific ocean and west of the atlantic ocean (if you consider that the world is round you can never be wrong). It has a population of about seventy billion people, all Japanese, Vietnamese, or Korean. Chinese people were wiped off the face of the earth in 2009 via diseases such as Swine flu and duck flu. Or whatever....

Also, the people there die very young due to all the diseases so you stop being a minor when you're about ten and you have to have sex and be married by the time you're twelve or thirteen or you will be killed with a knife.

The oldest man who ever lived was Shikralealblkaj Johnson who lived to be 37 years old. Now that's really old for Chinese standards.



So basically China became communist in 2004 when it and Cuba made out with each other and had some kids (notice that Cuba has islands next to it now). So that's how they became communist.

From beginning to endEdit

The history of China has been considered to be confusing, though, because when China was built in 1938, there were only about 40 people there and they were like "what the fuck are we supposed to do now?" but they said it in Chinese so they were probably like "afwjo4irjasdlfdsnvlj555555555555543" or something. I don't know.

And so they figured that they should probably start copying Japan because Japanese people look exactly like Chinese people and it just made sense; China's capital became Tokyo, Hong Kong was renamed to King Kong, and China got too big for Japan so China said "fuck this" and split with Japan back in the 1980s.


Obama got elected in 2008 when the Americans voted for him and all. Oh, and Joe Biden's the vice president and such. Not sure about the secretary or anything. Don't know.

Population issuesEdit

China is so small considered to its seventy billion people that if you've ever driven or flown there, you will see large masses of bodies piled up about 50 feet in the air and it covers all of China's ground. That's how many people there are in China.

And I'm not kidding. You can call your friend from China. He'll answer if that fat guy would get off his pocket so he could reach into it and get it out long enough to answer it.

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