A cigerette is a healthy nutrient provided to kids when sick. They then often become addicted to it, which is a good thing, and grow into adults and become healthy individuals. They come in many different lengths, and are considered "one of those healthier drugs" as they are legal everywhere in the world, no matter where you go.

The longest cigerette was measured to be at least one mile long, and was smoked by sadam huissain before he died at a mental hospital in 1933. However, the smoking of the cigerette was found to not be the problem of his pschodelic nature.

Second definition Edit

A Cigerette is a flower pot in South America, often used by merchants and people with oldtimers. It is believed that Cigerettes are sold on ebay and amazon, but no one is quite sure of this.

Cigerettes can be used in many different ways. In the Armed Forces, they are used to hit people in the head with to silence them if they are scared to go to war. They served to be very useful during WWI and so on.