Coke Zero is an energy drink "that gives you the energy to sue someone", so it can be very useful in certain situations. It is called "Coke Zero" because it takes like Coke 0 percent of the
Coke zero

Coke Zero without water


The Present Edit

Coke Zero is now considered a lethal weapon as studies showed that when a person drinks it, they will turn into a person with less calories, which some find very dangerous. Other rstudies show that drinking it will cause your teeth to turn yellow if they are not provided with the aid of being brushed to fumicate the infected tooth/teeth. Because Coke Zero is said to suck so much, they are not used at parties, inns, or venues in the place of Coke.

In fact, many gas stations have started throwing away Coke and "let the birds get it". This has also included throwing it at cars passing by and then the employees laughing because of how two-liter bottles can greatly damage a car.

Because it is an energy drink, it causes kids to go crazy over doing homework and going to shool, which is the worst thing that could happen to

The effect of a drop of Coke Zero.

society. It has dominated over a tenth of the total population of one person out of five.

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