Commercials are advertisements created by people who have no idea what the customer wants, so they just guess around and decide on something eventually, which is virtually always way-off track except for the stupid people who decide to buy the crap anyways.

They have no idea what to do with all the money spent making these products, so they decide to sell the products to unwanting customers, resulting in them being hated, along with every other commercial advertiser.

And the gay part is that they interrupt TV shows and movies that you watch, and especially during suspensful parts, too, and it makes you want to take your TV and stab it with a knife or something and go outside and randomly take out your grandmother's machine gun, start shooting it, walk back inside, and close the door dramatically while laughing maniacally.

History Edit

When TVs first came out, business people were thinking, "Oh wow! What a great way to advertise our products!! The radio sucks anyway!" and so the first commercial, which advertised earplugs that could drown out a woman's nagging.

Time went by, and when business people decided that not enough people were paying attention to commercials, they decided to add more into TV shows, so now there are more commercials than the actual video you're watching, and in the future, it's just going to be all commercials.

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