Contageous, a secret disguise of the phrase Can't Age Us, was a term that some paranoid cult (who were atheists, believe it or not) came up with when they were scared that people would make them older by being near them. But because they were so stupid, they had no idea that everyone ages and it is not contageous.

However, nonetheless, the whole incident, which is dated to be at least back to the 1990's,1 was named after their phrase. But problems occured while trying to name it. After trying a long number of names, such as poop, and crap,2 they decided to let some foreigner decide (obviously, he had ot be from Canada), and he repeated the phrase it was named after, which was can't age us (for those who forgot what it was) and he said it to himself several times, and in his accent, it sounded like the word contageous, so they were like "Hey, that sounds like a great idea!" (because they were morons) and so the whole event was named "contageous".

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1. ^ Yes, it happened way back in the 1990's.

2. ^ Other names also included shI, tee, and many others.

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