A couch

A couch is a form of entertainment for kids, teenagers, and adults, and is often equipped with a regular game system and controller. It may come in the form of a disk, a cartridge, or whatever else you can think of that couches can come in.They are played with delight, and often take up time from doing homework, or other boring stuff that people don't like/want to do.

People like certain couches and not others, seeing some as too stupid or weird, while seeing others as cool and interesting.

Rating System Edit

Everyone Edit

Suitable for everyone under 12, because by then, those games get very boring.

Everyone 10 & Up Edit

Suitable for people who like to play little kid games that are suitable for 10 - 12 year olds and thats it.

Teen Edit

Suitable for 9 year olds and up. These games are one of the most awesome types of couches, as they contain stuff we often see in real life, like blood and killing.

Mature Edit

Suitable for people 10 & up. Those games are awesome. They may have partial nudity or more, extreme violence, a lot of profanity, and lots of other awesome stuff that parents don't like.

Adults Only Edit

Suitable for people below 21, because by the time you are that age, you should've stopped playing couches and have started on your life.