Coughing is a symptom of the terminal disease Cancer and also a symptom of Parkinson's disease. It is characterized by slamming your fist onto the table and hurting your hand, then punching the wall for no apparant reason, and finally, kicking the trashcan all the way across the room.

History Edit

Coughing was made illegal in many countries when it was first invented in 1975, but people kept on breaking the law and being thrown in jail for life, so they eventually sucked up to people and changed the law (again) and made it "legal" to cough.

WHY?! Why can't people just leave things the way they are? Instead, they have to go in and screw everything up everywhere they go. It's just sickening to watch, and this is what someone had to say about coughing being made legal:

"I hate coughing. I have never coughed in my life before." - he coughs - "I want everyone to know how dangerous it can be, too, because it is so terrible and deadly and contageous that if everyone coughed at the same time (in the world)," - he coughs again - "then it would just explode. It makes a lot of sense, too, as scientists have proved that if enough bad things happen at once" - he coughs yet again - "then the world will just blow up in thin air and never be there again."

What people actually say when they cough Edit

It is believed that they say "Donuts and Coffee" when they cough, and why? No one knows for sure.

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