Paper Cup

Paper cup.

A cup is that little form of objectual cuppy-like cup-cup that sits on your table until you pick it up....It can be used for many purposes. Um, what else can I say?

Cups were originally only made for Moms, but they changed the rules around (some) and made them "universal", according to some random radio station in Hawaii, California.

Origin Edit

Cups were brought to this Earth by the use of modern technology and have a code on the bottom of every single one of them that reads "00001231000004012" and that means, translated in English, "Satan is a douche; pies are extremely melting".

No one really knows or cares why this is written very small, almost even microscopic, on the bottom of every single cup in America, Canada, and Britain, but what we do know is that this is pointless and ridiculous and has not been looked into.

Significance Edit

Cups have little to no significance as they are ridiculously ridiculous and no one really cares about them at all [whatsoever] so don't be going around, acting like you don't wanna burn a cup in a bonfire or something.

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