Diarrhea is almost always what you have when you're on your way to church or something, and you have to spend the next 3 hours going in and out the bathroom. And often, you're wondering why the air conditioners in your bathroom don't seem to be working, and you question why your plunger isn't unclogging the toilet.

And it is considered to suck if you have constipation at the same time that you have diarrhea.

In popular culture Edit

Diarrhea, to people, seems to be something that doesn't touch celebrities or something, but let's just say there is a reason why Owen Wilson couldn't play in Tropic Thunder, or why Chris Farley died in 1997 for no reason.

Also, during concerts when musicians are playing, they will make the excuse that their guitar string broke or something, and then they'll be gone for 20 minutes and come back, and say another one broke about 5 minutes later. This leaves people curious.

Time spent Edit

The time spent in the bathroom seems to be forever, and it's good to have a TV ready to use to watch that football game you might have missed going to the bathroom.

It can suck if the person who is having diarrhea is about to go to a wedding, concert, or funeral. But on the bright side, they have an excuse for not attending work or school, and it is smart to just skip the next three weeks and say it was pretty bad diarrhea, and if they question that, say it was contageous and everyone (you have 47 children and 13 wives who live with you, say that) caught diarrhea too, because it's a pandemic.

Trivia Edit

  • For some reason, overweight people seem to have diarrhea problems more, and no one's sure why
  • It always happens when you don't want it to
  • You're always right next to the toilet but you don't quite make it and you crap your pants
  • Diarrhea doesn't come out of pants very easily
  • If it's all over the floor, get your dog to clean it up

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