Disturbia (film)


Shiuh Lubuff
Adam Sandler
Will Smith
Chris Daughtry


$890 million

Box Office revenue


Disturbia is a wanna-be horror film (it actually thinks that it's scary when it's actually fucking NOT) directed by some unimprortant people and stars Shiuh Lubuff and those other cast members.

Disturbia is a combination of the following words: Fucker, John Smith, Chuck Norris, gunshot, and Radio-Milk.

Plot Edit

A mischevious brat (Lubuff) is involved in an event following his father's death (Lubuff looks at his father and kills him) in which an old man that does weed lives next door to him kills a bunch of people. He uses retarded ways such as garden weapons and snapping people's necks and hitting them with bats, when he could be shooting them down with silenced weapons.

Lubuff spies on this mildly hot girl who later falls for him because he threatens her. Eventually, the pot dude that has chased them dies with a garden tool (a hoe or something like that) and the movie ends with a stupid happy ending. Unfortunately, Lubuff does not die.

Reception Edit

Critics hate the film. One of them said, "A movie that trys to be a power ranger movie fails to do so. In other words, it sucks."

The other dude said, "I had to stop watching America's Funniest Home Videos for this! I hate the movie! Can I go now?"

Finally, the other one said, "I don't think that people understand how stupid the film is. I'd rather watch Dora."

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