Drunk is the opposite of sober,[lots and lots of citation needed] believe it or not, and can be considered wrong by parents (people who have no idea on how to have fun, so it means that they haven't read and/or received the handbook on fun yet), but right by everyone else (exceptions would be your mother-like sister and the (sometimes) careless Police.

Drunk people are proven by statistics to be equally as smart as scholars and college-goers who study that area, especially that, unless they are even smarter, so apparently, being drunk during a test does help you.

Effects Edit

People who are drunk often drive, which leads to getting a DUI if you aren't careful. Then you cuss at the world and get real mad and start watching soap operas while trying to figure out how to pay for the DUI you got for being stupid, drinking and driving.

Notes Edit

1. It's soo true to some people, and it's soo not to others. Heh. Funny, even.

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