Population (2009 estimate)

56 billion (the majority are not located in America)

Age range



Saying they're smart

A dumbass is, despite what a dumbass might think, not an ass that is dumb. No, you fucking retarded dumbass. A dumbass is somebody who is just so fucking dumb that they don't even know what the fuck they're talking about, what they're doing, they think they're right, they think they're not stupid, they think they're smart, they don't think they're retarded, they think that they're witty, intelligent, and not stupid, and/or they think that they are brainy.

Most dumbasses also like to label themselves as "cool" and "not arrogant", even though they really don't know what the word arrogant means. Because they're dumbasses! What then, bitch? My bad

Signs & symptomsEdit

You might be a dumbass if:

  • You thought that dumbass was spelled like dumass
  • You fail a test that is first grade Math with a 36
  • You are scared to take an IQ test
  • You are afraid of being a dumbass
  • You're a dumbass

That's about it, honestly. Dumbasses dominate the world. Strangely, however, there is only one dumbass in America, which brings it down to 0.000001%. Isn't that just fucking freeakky?


Most dumbasses live in Canada and Britain, but you will occasionally find an illegal immigrant hiding around in New York City or Los Angeles. Sometimes even Las Vegas. That is, of course, where they lose all their money. Has your mom ever done that? Well, she probably has, and she's a fucking dumbass.

Activities they participate inEdit

Dumbasses enjoy shopping at Walmart, buying clothes at Babies R Us, protesting for gay rights (as in, they're all gay-rights activists), and they love to eat a whole bunch of meat and call themselves vegeterians and protest for those who eat meat.

They also enjoy telling everybody how smart they think they are, saying that they have a IQ (they think that it stands for smart number) of 766 ½, which is, of course, really nerdy anyway. They think they can get away with it by still talking like this: "Y'all, dawg, bra, dude, man, cuh' on! Dis is wha' I be talkin' bout, poser! What the fuck? Fuck you, you damn dumbass motherfucker!"

That is just some bullshit right there.

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