The term Element was coined on April 49th, 2009 by Michael Jackson, who was at the same time getting yet another skin transplant for lighter skin.

Water is the fourth gayest element of them all because it sucks and it's liquidy and it sucks some more.

Fire is the second twelfth fifteen hundreddy fourth third gayest element because of its constant use of uncontrolable heat, which you must admit, is kinda gay.

Air sucks too, but it's not as bad as Earth, which sucks more.

Earth is gayest because it just is.

Since there's nothing else to say about this subject, I'll just move on to why I hate semi trucks so much.

Semi Trucks block your view of the road and you cannot see signs or cars in front of it. Some semi trucks that carry unnecessarily large objects like stereo systems and ps3s are even harder to get pass and see across from, because they take up both sides of the street and often tear down trees that are within 5 miles distance.

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