The Element brand of skateboarding, in my opinion, sucks at making merchandise and the skateboards are just okay, but overall, it's one of the main skateboarding companies around, even though I've never heard of them making Element watches yet.


The logo, which you know, sucks and all, consists of a gay tree with circles around it, because they couldn't think of anything better to put, is colored in red and white, usually (which happens to be the two gayest colors of the alphabet) but can be colored in different letters, too.

History Edit

The first signs of Element was back in 1977 when Abraham Lincoln wanted to come up with a name for his website, which he should've just called "". But he wanted something famous and original, so he decided to pick a random word in his mind, 'Element', which just happened to the be at the same time he was writing his signature for the Decleration of Independence, so he put "Element" instead of "Abraham Lincoln".

When he traveled back to America in 1981 to buy some stocks at the Stock Market and get money, he discovered that the word Element was being used all over America and so he decided to change the name again to Element Tramp, but he decided to change it back in 1989 a few years after he died of an unknown disease that no one's heard of before.

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