Emo people are those who cut themselves and eat flowerheads and spit them out onto neighbors' lawns. This demonstration is referred to as someone emoing someone else's yard. The term came from the letter "E", which meant "to severely cut one's self with a knife or scissors, but not fatally. Then no pain would succumb." People like to say that music is emo, but there's another word for that - New Age.

Emo people were often told to mop up the floors of the cafeteria during the Gold Rush, but were thought to have either passed out from incessive bleeding or just died altogether. To this day, we are still unsure. When the cavemen were their hair like modern Emoday kids and sat around with a wooden stake and cut themselves, they would sometimes miss and stab the wall, which would in turn cause the cave to fall in.

Luckily, two people survived, but were gunned down by thousands of others.This started the Cold War. Peace arose in 2001, though, but only for a short time. On, in 2001, these two guys who were drunk flew into the Empire State building and died. This made the Governor of California very mad, for no particular reason. Soon after he was mad, he sent troops out to just fire missiles everywhere, which, in turn, caused the World Trade Center to collapse. Emo kids were thought to be the cause of it, because they couldn't see through their bangs.

Wet powder also corroded half of their gun powder, as it was filled with blood red food coloring.Emo kids wear modern day clothing such as "Emocrombie", "Emopostale," and "Emollister" clothing brands, but die it black by putting a bunch of make up on it and smearing it until the color has faded. Emo kids always look down, and never know that there is a sky. They have no idea what color it is. If you ask an emo kid what color the sky is, they will not know what you're talking about.