Encyclopædia Dramatica is a website owned by Encyclopedia Dramatica, surprisingly....I mean who would've guessed that? Seriously, I wouldn't've been able to.

Encyclopædia Dramatica is considered to be one of the gayest and stupidest websites of all time, minus Bebo, Livevideo, Photobucket, and Urban Dictionary, of course.


The website is amazingly stupid for all of its damn articles that are so fucking random and about what they call "secks", is what it's mostly about. So the first question we may ask is: what the fuck is secks? Secks is how you sound out the word sex, but if you're a dumbass then that's how you would spell it.

Relations with JesusEdit

Many may have not realized it, but Encyclopædia Dramatica is obviously Jesus Christ in human form and we should worship Encyclopædia Dramatica until you've had so much beer that it's actually fun and you actually want to. Hell yeah. Let's do that, dammit.

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