If you were looking for Coke, then you're wrong.

Axe Deo Cologne

Five energy drinks.

Energy drinks are, and have always been since a few years before the Universe was created, disgusting. The second you drink them, your mouth melts and falls off your face and into the earth. If you get further than that, if you're some sort of superhuman or something, then it gets down in your throat and you blow up.

History Edit

It was invented in 1971. PMSing, I mean.

Use and/or Signifance Edit

They are used for celebration sometimes, but that's only for a "It's You're birthday" celebration, and often "birthday" will be replaced with "dead", so it reads "It's your dead", which doesn't really make much since, which confuses the person, which results in them drinking an energy drink, which results in them blowing up.

Timothy Reeves controversy Edit

In November 2000, 27-year old Timothy Reeves publicy announced the "brand new" energy drink Sorrow and Pain. A girl age 14 died from just a bottle of the drink and the mother sued Reeves and the company.

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