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A family is someone who betrays someone else with the use of weapons. A person is called a 'superfamily' if he/she is watching an episode of Star Trek while doing this.

Families originate back in the stone age, when nuclear firearms were often present in wars, and that's speculated to be what seperated the continents.

They were often friends with terrorists, but were not great friends with them. Sure, if a terrorist ran into a family along the streets of Atlanta or Philadelphia, they'd exchange greetings and all, but out in the battlefield, they are enemies to each other.Hand grenades are often used by families, and they say they often work alone, even though they are seen working with different people all the time.

They always seem to have a strong tendency to attempt to assassinate the president, no matter who it is.

They feel that life in prison sounds fun, but they don't know, oh no, they just don't know.

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