Fat is the lack of being annerexic. People who ARE 'fat', which is usually an insulting term for the preferred term "pig", may be considered anerexic by blind people and deaf people.

Reason for being fat Edit

Fat people are said to be fat because they are lazy, not self confident, and eat a lot, but this is proven to not always be true. Some people gain weight easier than other people, and so that is not always the case.

Other uses Edit

Through time, fat has been used to make sofas, bows and arrows, xbox 360's, and other useful objects. Fat is also in a lot of food, and is often invisible to the customer if they don't read the nutrition facts on the side of the bag that many food products have.

Also Edit

Fat can also be produced from "exercising" a lot, as the laws of physics show that you can't exercise by sitting on the couch watching TV.

However, making the couch collapse can cause adrenaline, which may lead to exercise.

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