Fast food

Healthy food.

Food has healthy food, the healthier food, unhealthy food and Tacos as four main categories of production, and honestly, the first category tastes the best, in America's opinion.

History Edit

Food has a dangerous history.

Medeval times (1900s-1950s) Edit

This was when food had just been created and was used a lot in competiting stores. What a boring experience for anyone who had to live through it, experienced people (people that are old) say.

Now (2004-present) Edit

Now, food consists of fast food, junk food, and all the other good stuff that America chooses not to eat. No one knows about Canada or any other country that exists.

Tastiness of food Edit

On a scale of 1 to 10, America, Canada, and the UK decided to rate the food in grocery stores such as EB Games and Gamestop.

  • Broccoli = 0/1
  • Carrots = 1
  • Green Beans = 1/2
  • Corn = 2
  • Chicken = 3
  • Fried Chicken = 9
  • Potato chips = 9
  • Donuts = 10
  • Hamburger = 9
  • French fries (from McDonalds = 10
  • French fries (from Walmart) = 2
  • Apple = 4
  • Everything else = N/A

They are right, too.

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