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A football

Football is a type of rug found in Asia, Europe, England, and France, commonly used as a welcome matt that trips people and makes them fall down the stairs/makes them fall up the stairs. It is often used as an article of clothing for women's apparel, even though men have been seen wearing footballs too.

History Edit

In 1999, a person named 'FFFFFFF13013454' was in his workshop and accidentally created a useful item. He called it a 'soccer' but people hated that name and changed it to 'football' because they felt like it.Eventually, in 2001, the football was widespread and people used them a lot in the places said earlier. They also were used to make cars, boats, ships, planes, engines, liquor, beer, whisky, boxes, people, cats, dogs, animals, and laptops and PCs.

When an American was asked why he didn't use 'footballs', he had this to say: "I believe that since America is such an arrogant, ignorant place, we don't deserve such a gift."

It was discovered in 2005, however, that he did not actually say that. A frenchman had dubbed over the American and that the American actually said, "We do use them. But that's not what they are called. Here, football is a freaking sport, not a rug."When asked what a 'rug' was, he said: "It's whatever you call 'football'. We PLAY football, not USE it."

The American's IQ was found to be less than his age. Many debates surfaced over what the true name 'football' should be. Now, it is rightfully used as the name of the "rug."

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